How to Draw Chibi Meowth, Pokemon

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You will start this first step by drawing the outline of chibi Meowth's head and then lightly sketch in the facial guides.


Thicken the lining you drew in step one for the structure of chibi Meowth's head like so, and then draw in the spiny looking whiskers, there should be two on each side of the face, and two on the top part of the head. Lastly, draw the horn in the cen   


Okay, now that we have the face structure drawn in, you can start with the eyes. Sketch in two window shaped eyes as well as the pupils or eyebrows. Add the mouth and then the two small teeth that is peeking through.


Chibi Meowth's face is all drawn in, now you can draw the ears as well as the markings inside of the ears.


You are already almost done. Here you will work on his body. Start with drawing the small arms and paws and then draw the rest of the body as well as his tiny foot.


Finish off chibi Meowth by drawing the back leg and foot, as well as the curled tail, foot pads on the bottom of Meowth's foot like so, and then draw in the finger lines as well as the horn detailing. Erase the mistakes you may have made along the wa   


You are all done with drawing chibi Meowth. Color him in to perfection to add some color and vibrancy.

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March 12, 2012

Description: What can I say, I feel like drawing Pokemon characters all of a sudden and I don't know when I'm gonna stop. Here is my first lesson of the day which was drawn during Live today and it's on "how to draw chibi Meowth". I know Meowth is one of the “bad guys”, but that doesn't mean he isn't cute. In fact, I think that Meowth is one of the cutest Pokemon around along with the other original species that first starred in the very first series. Meowth is as you know part of Team Rocket which consists of Jessie and James. They are the off the wall duo that will stop at nothing to bring down all of the trainers and their foes that gets in their way. Drawing chibi Meowth is going to be fun, exciting and wonderfully simple. I made sure that everyone can have the chance to recreate this kitty with an attitude. Don't worry, I still have more drawing fun coming your way so try to stay tuned in to see who or what it will be on. Adios people and enjoy!

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