How to Draw Chibi Tepig, Tepig

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Make two circles, one for the head and the other for the body. Add one face guide and proceed on.


Now draw out the side profile of Tepig's head and face like so, as well as the long pointed ears. From the side, it looks like a rabbit.


Next, make a large eye and be sure to draw in the top lid line nice and thick or dark. Draw in the markings on the nose and face like so, and move to step four.


Next, draw the chest, and front legs like so, and make some lining for the hooves.


Draw the back end of Tepig and make the leg and swirly tail with a ball for the tip. Add markings on the but and erase the mistakes and guides.


The lines should come out looking coloring book perfect. Color in your drawing to finish off yet another chibi Pokemon character.

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September 30, 2011

Description: I was going to take a quick break for a sec, but then I saw the folder for this next tutorial on another Pokemon figure in chibi form. Okay so a lot of people asked if I could do "how to draw chibi Tepig", step by step. This is a species that is loved by many fans of the Pokemon series, and it is also one of the more popular characters. The lesson itself is going to be very easy which is why I will continue to leave it in the novice difficulty setting. This ended up coming out so cute and it was also one of my favorite tutorials to make yesterday. At last, the lesson some of you have been waiting for is finally here, now go have fun with it already before I continue to ramble on about nothing. Peace out people!

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