How to Draw Chibi Absol, Absol

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As you know most of my chibi Pokemon tutorials are pretty easy. We will start by making two shapes with the head being a circle. The body shape is going to look like a long egg. Add one face guide before moving to step two.


Now sketch out the shape of the face like so, and then draw out the hair or fur style. This is easy to draw because its like making a combed back hairdo. Sketch in the curl along the jaw line on both sides.


Using the face guide, draw in the acorn shaped eyes. As you draw in the eyes add a lash line that is formed inward. Draw in a nose and mouth like so, and then make a circle on the forehead as well as the curved horn. Sketch in some detailing and move   


Now it's time to sketch out the very fuzzy hair collar around the neck. As you can see the edges should be drawn spaced or in chunks.


You are almost done folks, all you have to do now is draw in the legs, nails, and some more detailing. Oh yeah, don't forget to make a line for the chest.


All that's left to do now is drawing out the back end of your new chibi character. This includes the stomach, back leg and nails, and then the stiff shaped tail. Clean up the drawing and that's it.


That's it guys, you are all done. Now you can get even more busy as you color in this white fuzzball.

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September 14, 2011

Description: I can almost guarantee that people are going to freak over this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Absol", step by step. I received a little more than twenty requests for this Pokemon species to be drawn in chibi form. Absol is an adorable dark type species that is not a formation from any other evolved form. It has an all-white coat with dark midnight blue skin for the face, as well as the tail, horn, and claws. I love the style of this species creation and I want to say thanks to the artistic creator that designed this creature. I made sure to make an easy enough version so that artists of all levels can tackle the task of learning "how to draw chibi Absol". I think you will find that this is probably one of the top five cutest chibi Pokemon I have done so far, and now a new task arises as I have yet to make another chibi Pokemon that is cuter than chibi Absol. Have fun guys, and remember to let me know how you like this, and any other tutorial you come across on

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