How to Draw Graffiti For Kids

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The first step is easy, draw a simple horizontal line.


Using the one guide, begin drawing out the letters with the first being the F and O. Notice how the F has some dips and peaks.


Draw in the typical detailing lines that bring dimension to the letters like you see here. This is also known as shading, or blocking.


Draw two big letters which is S and H. the s is drawn in a very simple zigzag manner, and the H is probably one of the easiest letters in the alphabet that is simple to make in a graffiti style.


Draw in the same lines as you did with the F O. The lines serve the same purpose which means you can't skimp on drawing them in.


Lastly, finally draw in the O and add the same detailing lines. When you feel that your letters have been drawn in to your liking, you can start cleaning up the drawing.


That's it, your done. You can start coloring in your line art now since you finished drawing graffiti for kids.

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September 28, 2011

Description: Another idea that I had, was to make another awesome version of what a graffiti tutorial would be like if it were easier to follow. Something that I had, and still do have a problem with is making graffiti letters. Today I will be thinking outside the box once again, because you will now learn "how to draw graffiti for kids", step by step. I am no pro at drawing graffiti in anyway, and I think that folks that have skills with making all kinds of graffiti lettering and words have incredibly steady hands, and patience. The only time I can do a decent job with making letters is if they are big, already designed in a pattern or style, and have meaning behind them. I just used the simple word ‘fosho’ for the base of the graffiti letters. I think I did an alright job, but I could be wrong. Even though this is a ‘for kids’ lesson, I still think that some real newbie artists will find a bit of complexity to this lesson. It doesn’t matter because I have confidence that “IT WILL WORK”. Let me know either way so I can make something better next time. I will be back in a minute with more drawing fun guys so don’t go away. Adios for now!

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