How to Draw Skulls and Roses, Skulls and Roses


Make one circle for the base of the skull and add some face guides.


Sketch out the structure of the skull's face starting with the cheeks or cheek bones, and then draw a front top jaw.


Now make two egg shapes for the eyes but sketch them in very scratchy and do the same thing for the split parted nose holes. Color in the sockets solid, and move along to step four.


Finish sketching out the shape and structure design of the head, and make two raised bones on either side of the head. Draw in the large horns and sketch in each tooth. When the teeth are sketched out, you can add detailing on the top portion of the    


Draw in the groove lines on the horns of the skull, and color in some of the hidden or subtle areas with some shadowing features. Sketch in some cracks, and add detailing around the exit wound from a bullet.


All you have to do here is simple, draw out the lower jaw like so, and then sketch out the bottom row of teeth. Color in the inside of the mouth as well.


Sketch out the first rose which is fully bloomed and full. Sketch out the detailing for the rose like all the petals, and some dripping lines as well as drips.


For the last step, sketch out the rose on the right side, and then repeat the same exact steps as you did in step seven. Clean up the drawing and add some last minute detailing.


The guides are what you see here. Color in your drawing or keep it as a black and white. Your choice. I hope you had fun drawing skulls and roses.

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September 27, 2011

Description: By now you guys should be digging both zombie Mario, and anime Edward which means you should also be real busy. For my next submission, I have another very cool tutorial that all skull enthusiasts will love. This submission is on "how to draw skulls with roses", step by step. I know I have already done so many different types of skulls in the past, and all of them are really great. This one was drawn yesterday when I was feeling a bit blah. Sometimes everyone will go through one of those days when you feel like you’re world is so small compared to others. I sometimes will feel like this when I get creped out about something, and that is usually the case. The skull and roses design that you will be learning from today is absolutely awesome. I love the way I drew the jaw crooked to convey confusion, and the intense expression on the skulls face is wicked too. This is definitely going to be a sketch that I will look back on in the future. The horns represent how much I love dragons and dinosaurs, and the coloring concept is also very mild less strained on the mind. Have fun with drawing skulls and roses, and I will be back with more submissions for you all. Adios people and peace out!

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