How to Draw a Witch Skull and Roses

Artist: Dawn / January 7, 2020

Step 1.

Let's first start with the guidelines for the flow and direction for this antlered creature.

Step 2.

Then, sketch the face shape, making sure that you draw the hair line as well as the jaw shape.

Step 3.

Next, let's draw the facial features for the skull as well as the upper and lower jaw.

Step 4.

Then, draw the upper row of teeth and the shadows inside the eye sockets as well. Use thin lines to detail the skull's contours.

Step 5.

Here we go, the tricky part! Using your guidelines as reference, work your way from the left antler to the right, depending on which hand your prefer drawing with, haha.

Step 6.

Next, let's focus our attention on the rose.

Step 7.

Just keep sketching layers of the rose's petals the further down you work your way around the rose.

Step 8.

Next, draw the other rose as well as the leaves for the main larger open rose.

Step 9.

Then, let's draw the chest and breasts for the skulled creature.

Step 10.

Here's the hardest, step, DETAILS! Work through the details whichever way makes you comfortable. Use very thin line weights to detail the antlers, feathers, and other ornaments attached to her antlers.

Step 11.

Lastly, let's finish up by shading in her hair and adding a couple final touches.

Step 12.

Once you're satisfied with the way everything looks, you can go ahead and ink your drawing out with sharpies, or Microns, whichever is fit for you! Thanks for viewing this tut, y'all!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 7, 2020
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Description: Hey guys, who's ready to learn to draw some cool tattoos today? I have a couple tattoo tutorials to upload and this one just so happened to be one of my favorites. Wait till ya'll see the deer skull antler tattoo I'm also submitting here!