How to Draw a Deer Skull


Let's begin by sketching down the important guidelines that will structure the shape of the deer skull and other elements.


Next, let's draw the socket area of the skull.


Then, fill in the socket area and the teeth that are drawn at the sides of the mouth.


Using thin line weights, decorate the inside of the skull with contour lines to add texture to it.


Then, let's work on the snout area for the skull. Keep in mind, unlike human skulls, the deer nose is like a large open spout, there are no nostril holes like a human skull looks. So basically, draw a large open narrow shape that represents the nose/   


Now the hard/fun part, drawing the antlers! Draw them following the flow of the guidelines to help you.


Then, finish off the left antler and the ivy vines that decorate the individual points.


Next, draw the right antler as well.


Repeat the same process we carried out in the left antler with the right one this time.


Lastly, let's draw the shrooms crowning the top of the deer's skull as well.


Once you're satisfied with your sketch, you can prepare it for inking with Micron pens or fine tipped Sharpies you can find at Walmart of an art/crafts store. Let me know what you guys think of this concept and if the tut was super hard! Until next t   

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January 8, 2020

Description: This tutorial is a very exciting one, I had a lot of fun designing the concept for this! We will be learning how to draw a wiccan deer skull to kind of represent the 'life/rebirth' circle. I used some runes to symbolize life and death as well as flourishing greenery and shrooms. Very happy with the outcome of this!

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