How to Draw a Pretty Witch

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1 Guidelines

First, sketch the guidelines for the wtich's face shape.

2 Face Shape

Next, let's draw the chin and the nose!

3 Facial Features

Then, let's tackle drawing her facial features.

4 Hair Shape

Next, work on her hair, nice long flowy strands.

5 Hat Shape

Lastly, finish off her hat by drawing the cone shape around the guides and then the rim.

6 Final Line Art

Once you've completed all steps, you should result with this! Great job :)

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June 5, 2020

Description: Okay, I know I have so many lessons on drawing witches, but I don't think I have a pretty witch that is simple and easy for everyone to tackle and draw. So today, I am going to show you how to draw a pretty witch, step by step. I love this witch because her face is so pretty and incredibly easy to replicate just by following the step by step instructions. I don't do a lot of simple witch faces so here is one that I know plenty of you artists will enjoy. Great thing about this lesson, it will be here way before Halloween comes around so you will have something fresh and inviting to draw. So have fun drawing this pretty witch face and I will be right back with other simple drawing tutorials for all you artist out there.

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