How to Draw a Pagan


Let's first begin with the guidelines that will build the shape of the witch and her raven companion. This should be an easy step for sure.


Here I've broken down the initial hair step guide into two parts. You will first draw her long hair and the crown of vines, and then you will lastly draw the horns.


Then, the hard part, draw her body starting from her hand first, and work your way down till you get to the ends of her feet.


Then, draw the beginning stages of the raven which should be the head and the wings.


Here, I've dissected in 4 easy steps on how to draw the raven bird. We first finish off the face, and then work our way to the wings and lastly the body/feet.


Next, draw the grass which she will be grounded on, outside in nature.


Next, draw the spiritual pentagram shape behind the crow that this witch is casting to invoke all the 4 spirits, gods and goddesses.


Then, draw her crystal wand.


Then, draw her dress/gown.


Lastly, draw the 12 zodiac signs around the pentagram she has casted to symbolize all the 4 spirits and astrological elements the build up part of the universe.


Once you've proofed over your drawing, you should have something similar to this. This was definitely a favorite lesson of mine and hopefully you will thinks o too. Let me know :)

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January 17, 2020

Description: Are you guys ready for some cool tuts? Tonight will be featuring more cool concept artworks of skulls and witches. In this tutoiral, I will be showing you how to draw a pagan witch casting a circle to invoke the 4 spirits, the west, the south, the east, and the north elements. It's pretty cool stuff, very spiritual, and if you're into that type of thing, you would totally dig this tut!

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