How to Draw a Flaming Skull


Let's first begin with the simple guidelines for this skull shape. These will help you draw the form of the face and jaw.


Let's then draw the cheekbone and the beginning stages of the brows and eyes.


Next, go ahead and draw the nose and upper jaw as well. Don't forget to sketch in the left eye socket too.


Then, go ahead and draw the eye socket for the right eye most visible to the viewer and then add dimension lines to the nostril.


Let's go ahead and start tackling the jaw by drawing the teeth first and then the jaw shape itself.


Then, draw the jaw hiding behind the skull's mouth and then the back of the head.


Next, draw the flames scorching towards the right of the viewer to emphasize movement lashing out towards the left.


Go ahead and draw flowing lines to depict movement in the flames region.


Go ahead and review your drawing to see if it's similar to this. If you're satisfied with your results, go ahead and ink it out with Sharpies or Micron pens. Let me know how yours came out too!

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January 17, 2020

Description: Are you guys ready to draw some cool stuff today? Let's hop on this tutorial that will show you step by step on how to draw a flaming skull. Skulls in general is my forte, it's what I love to draw. If you guys want more cool skull tattoo tutorials, let me know in the comments below. don't forget to post your versions of this tut on DragoArt as well, make an account!

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