How to Draw Master Yoda


Begin by drawing out the shape of Master Yoda's chibi style face. You will also need to add the mouth and chin as well.


Next, draw out two big circles for the eyes and color them in.


We will add the forehead wrinkles, only three of them.


Up next, draw the beginning portions of the hairstyle which looks more like frizz.


OKay, now you can draw out Yoda's big ears. When that is done add detailing inside the ears.


Begin working on the body. Do this by drawing the shape or outline of the torso, then draw the arm, hand and sleeve. Add the layers for the different parts of clothing.


Lastly, draw in the pants and then the feet. Of course you have to draw the other hand and then Master Yoda's cane and sleeve detailing. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


It's now time to color in the art. When you are done show folks who you just drew.

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July 27, 2019

Description: Hey guys, here is a quick lesson that will show you how to draw chibi Yoda, step by step. It has been sitting in my folder for a while and it's really because I forgot all about it. So here he is, Master Yoda in chibi form. He should be very simple to replicate and even easier to color in. I do hope you have fun with drawing Master Yoda, I will be back soon with more for you all.

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