How to Draw Chibi Stormtrooper

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Start off by drawing the shape for the Trooper's head shape. This should also be the shape of the front part of the face too.Another words, the whole head and helmet.


Now you can draw out the rim running across the forehead. There are three lines total and once that is drawn in you can draw out the shapes of the eyes which are also the goggles. Next, draw the ventilation part of the mask which is where these soldi   


Now start drawing the small body. Begin with the bubble like shaped chest and then draw the waist and crotch area which is pointed in shape. You can now draw the belt or utility belt too.


Lastly, draw in the chibi Stormtrooper's arms and legs and when you do this you will have to add the detailing to the suit. Once the suit is done you can start to erase the mistakes to clean up your drawing.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can add some color before showing off the drawing you just made on a chibi Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

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June 30, 2019

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back to another adorable lesson on a character from Star Wars brought to you chibi style. Here is how to draw a chibi Stormtrooper, step by step. This is probably one of my more favorite chibi drawings from the Star Wars series that I have done so far. There are a few more and when they are all done being uploaded, I will work on some other stuff. For now you can enjoy drawing a chibi Stormtrooper, step by step and let me know what you think of the lesson. I will be back with more stuff to draw so stay tuned in.

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