How to Draw a Chibi Goth Witch

1 Guidelines

First, we have to draw the guidelines for the two figures.

2 Girl Face and Hair

Next, let's draw the face shape and the hair for the demon girl.

3 Mini Horns

Sketch in her mini spiral horns too.

4 Facial Features

Sketch in her facial features as well, use thin line weights for the minor facial features.

5 Necklace & Bow

Work on her necklace with the bow attached.

6 Goat Head

Next, let's work on the goat's head and the collar.

7 Both Bodies

Now, let's focus on drawing the goat's body first because he is overlapping most of the demon girl's body. After that, draw the girl and leash last.

8 Final Touches

Fill in with some detailing and her boots as well.

9 Final Line Art

Once everything is drawn, this should be your end result. Great work!

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April 16, 2020

Description: I know I have a lesson already on a gothic witch, but I don't have one on how to draw a chibi goth witch so that is what I am submitting today. I was honestly just in the mood to draw something gothic, something witchy and something chibi. So, in the end you have the product or concept that you see here. The girl is a bit blase and her goat doesn't look too happy. I'm sure he would much rather be off the leash and in a heavily bushed area where he can feed all day. Nonetheless, I'm sure all you goth genre artists out there will fall in love with this lesson on drawing a chibi goth witch, step by step. Yes, there is more to come so stay tuned in.

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