How to Draw a Sock Monkey

Artist: Dawn / April 4, 2013

Step 1.

Make two circles, one for the head and another for the body. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines like so.

Step 2.

Smooth out the shape of the monkey's head, then draw in the small knob like ears.

Step 3.

We will work on the sock monkey's face by first giving him a lid line across the forehead, then we can utilize the facial guidelines to draw in the eyes, snout and mouth area, and then add the nostril slits and open mouth stitching.

Step 4.

Sock monkeys are known for having limp bodies and limbs. You will draw out the entire body for your monkey, which includes the noodle like arms, and stump like legs.

Step 5.

Lastly, add the marking lines to create the hands and feet, then add your own emblem on the monkey's chest. For me I drew a heart with an M in the center which is the first letter of my last name. Erase the mistakes then you're done.

Step 6.

Here is your finished drawing on a sock monkey. Now color it in, or decorate it first.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 4, 2013
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Description: These stuffed monkeys are one of the more popular plush toys out in the market today. They come in all different sizes, textures, colors, and designs for people to choose from. This lesson will show you "how to draw a sock monkey", step by step. What better way to create a toy that is in the bedrooms of tons of boys and girls, both young and old then to make a monkey that looks like a sock, but is not. I had a lot of fun drawing a sock monkey from my imagination. Although I do think that I could have done a better job. But in the end when all is said and done, at least I know that folks will be able to make a sock monkey of their own. You can decorate it, add texture to it, and color it any shade you like. Just remember to upload your finished work so others (including myself) can see. Thanks guys and have fun with this tut.