How to Draw Wally, Wally from Rocket Monkeys


Draw a circle for the head, then add the facial guidelines to the face. Draw the small body, as well as the guides for the clothes.


Using the facial guides, draw the eyes, then move to step three.


Here is where you will begin sketching out the entire shape of Wally's face. Don't forget to draw the tuft of hair on top of his forehead like so, then draw and color in the eyebrows. You have to end this step by drawing out the round monkey ears.


Wally has a very goofy facial expression so you will have to draw that next. Start by coloring in pupils, then draw the nose. Next, draw the mouth or upper lip. Draw the teeth, then draw the chin.


Draw the whole body without including the arms. This is just the torso, legs and feet.


Next, draw in Wally's noodle style arms and hands. When that is done you can move onto the last drawing step.


Lastly, draw in the curled tail, then draw the jacket and belt. Add the buckle on the belt.


Here is Wally from Rocket Monkey. Color him in and that's it.

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March 25, 2013

Description: Okay, so Nickelodeon did it again. They are coming out, or did come out with a new cartoon series called Rocket Monkey. It follows the lives of two monkey brothers named Gus and Wally. They are on a constant mission to defeat angry aliens that invade their habitat, (Earth). This lesson is going to be on "how to draw Wally from Rocket Monkey", step by step. Wally is one of the crazy, wild lovable characters that don’t appear to be the hero until but is one inside. Instead of battling aliens, he would much rather sit at home and play games. He is also the lighter of the two, and he has an unstable appearance with the expression on his face. Have fun drawing Wally folks, and be sure to let me know if you heard of this series.

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