How to Draw a Super Saiyan Easy

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Make the shape of a hazelnut for this Saiyan's head. Sketch in the facial guidelines and move to step two.


Using the guide, sketch out the actual definition of the Saiyan's face. You will also need to incorporate the bang hairline which should look like it raised from the scalp. Draw the hook bang and move to step three.


Using the facial guidelines to draw the thick, long eyebrows, then draw in the shape of the Saiyan's eyes. Add some crinkle between the brows, then move to step four.


Add some strain bags under the eyes, then draw the mouth, nose and frown lines around the mouth. Don't forget to add the pupils.


All you have to do here is draw the large ears, then add detailing inside the ears.


Lastly, one of the signature characteristics to a Saiyan that you can't forget is there hair. Draw the layers of thick pointed hair strands like so. The end result should be a head of hair that looks like a burning flame.


When you have erased the mistakes and guides the drawing comes out looking like the one you see here. Color in the line art and that's it.

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October 11, 2014

Description: Have you always wanted to make a Super Saiyan but didn't want to draw something that was too difficult? Well today this tutorial goes out to all you novice artists out there that are also big time Dragon Ball fans. Here is "how to draw a Super Saiyan easy", step by step. I think you will find this lesson helpful, easy and exciting. You don't only have to be a beginning artist, folks who have been drawing for a while can take advantage of this lesson by creating a Saiyan without the strain. Anyways, enjoy and don't forget the feedback "KAME-HAME-HA!".

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