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How to Draw Pippi Longstocking

Artist: maemaevana / April 5, 2014
How to Draw Pippi Longstocking

Step 1.

First draw the base for pippi. We will draw the monkey base later.

Step 2.

draw the hair and nose and dimple lines

Step 3.

now make the shape of the eyes on the base line and draw the mouth

Step 4.

add the pupils and the iris and draw the face's chin line

Step 5.

draw the hair as shown

Step 6.

make the scarf, the sweater, and the parting in her hair

Step 7.

draw the rest of the sleeve of the heather

Step 8.

draw the base of Mr. Nelson (The monkey)

Step 9.

draw the outline of Mr. Nelson. This shouldn't be too hard

Step 10.

almost finished!

Step 11.

Now guess what!? Yeah, you're right! You are finished!

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Artist: maemaevana
Date Added: April 5, 2014
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Tags: how to draw pippi longstocking characters
Description: How to draw Pippi Longstocking from an old dutch tv show and movie. Translation into dutch: Pippi Langkous. This is not the cartoon version of her. This is her realistic self with her monkey Mr. Nelson. I hope you enjoy this!