How to Draw Robot Chicken, Robot Chicken

Artist: Dawn / April 4, 2013

Step 1.

Start with drawing a circle for the head guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next, draw the entire outline for Robot's face and head. The crown for your chicken is like a mound shape from frontal view.

Step 3.

Draw in the separation line that distinguishes the metal side of the face, and the flesh side of the face. Draw in the beak then add the beak line.

Step 4.

Draw in the mechanical eye with two inner rings on the inside of the eye. You will then draw another eye, then color in the pupil.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw the neck, and some of the chicken's broken body. Add all the cracks, dings, and dents on his body. Erase the mistakes then you are done here.

Step 6.

Here is what your drawing of Robot Chicken looks like. Have fun coloring him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 4, 2013
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Description: I am so excited to be submitting this lesson because it's based on the mascot for the very funny late night adult show 'Robot Chicken'. I will be showing you "how to draw Robot Chicken", step by step. Out of all the stop-motion animation, Robot Chicken is probably one of the best I have seen thus far. It's an old show that has been airing since 2005 or 2007 and since then it has grown a steady fan base. The comedy and slap stick humor is so addicting to watch. I love the series and because of that I will make sure that drawing Robot Chicken will be a breeze. The best lesson today is this character; or at least I think so. Enjoy people and peace out.