How to Draw a Green Dragon


Start this first step with the simple guidelines needed to draw to help you make the whole learning process easier for you to learn. Start at the head and draw two small circles with two seperate beaks on on top and one on the bottom. Draw a long sem   


Now in this step you can start filling out the outsides of the lines to make them all look whole instead of sticks. Always start from the top when ever you draw because you can big time cash. The position this green dragon ids standing in is a bunch    


In this step you will continue to draw the green dragon by detailing the face neck and front limbs. Draw out the dragons face with one eye, frills on top of the head. After you do that go ahead and detail the front leg. After that is done start detai   


Again this step is all about detail, detail, and more detail. This sketch actually took me 4 hours to sketch out and this was like a year ago. I have tons of dragon drawings that I will eventually submit on this site for all to learn from. In this st   


Now this is the last step before you move to the next which is all about technique. This is probably the most time consuming step because you have to sketch out all the different sized scales and skin wrinkles in the green dragons wings and neck, fac   


These last steps will teach you how to shade and highlight your green dragon. This method is called the ‘burn shading method’. This method is good for contrasting your colors without making with tons of layers. This is also preferred for beginner   


Begin shading your image, LIGHTLY! You don’t want to press hard or shade in the same area. This will cause your shades to go darker. You don’t want that, it’ll make your image too dark and icky. Don’t forget to define your light source!


Now lastly, for the highlighting. This is the fun but difficult part. When you highlight, you must make sure that you know your light source. What’s a light source? It’s a term used to define where the direction of the light is hitting your drago   


And here you have the finished sketch and drawing. Your green dragon should look like this after you draw all the details and definitions that is associated with the dragon.

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February 15, 2008

Description: The green dragon is a unique animal because it has the ability to survive without food for a whole year and a half which is why they are considered one the most outlasting of its species. This dragon has a bold and fierce look, and can at times be very fast as well. The size of the green dragon doesn’t stop itself from hunting and chasing down it’s next meal the one thing they are not, is friendly towards humans and have no problems with going for seconds. The average sized meal for one of these reptiles if is roughly the size if a cow, if not larger. This will keep them full for up to two months. Wow, that’s a long time for a predator without food, right? This is because the green dragon lives among the desert, and since food in those parts are hard to come by, their bodies developed a mechanism to store food for a long period of time. They have similarities to the camel and snake because of its size and the scaly skins. Since camels can survive without water for two weeks and food for a month, the green dragon can last longer. All desert animals share the same things in common. Most rouge humans who travel the desert come across green dragons plenty of times. They are ferocious beasts that will attack at anything, especially without eating for a long time. A green dragon can weigh up to six tons or the common weight of an average African male elephant. Green dragons are spotted around cactuses, mountains, sand dunes and small pools of water. When it rains or if there’s a dead carcass nearby, you’re most likely to spot plenty of green dragons. These dragons mate twice a year and can spawn up to thirty eggs per clutch. The first time a female mates, she is guaranteed to fail to produce eggs. It takes a year for a green dragon to develop and hatch. A ten year old dragon is considered a baby, a thirty year old dragon is considered a juvenile, and an eighty year old dragon is considered an adult. From that point on a green dragon can live to two hundred years. This is common in tortoises that can live up to one hundred and fifty years. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw the green dragon with easy step by step instructions.

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