How to Draw Nike, How to Draw Air Force Ones

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Lets get started shall we? Begin by drawing two shapes which is the base for the sneakers design. They look like molds at this point, but they will quickly be transformed.




Now it's time to draw the stitching that frames where the loop holes and laces will go. Once you have this area drawn out, you can draw in the right side of the laces, and then add some detailed or thickened lining to the leather lip that houses the    


Here is where I'm sure you will have some fun. Start by drawing out the lining for the thick sole which is one of the recognizable characteristics about the shoe. Next, draw the Air Force One leather design like you see here, and then draw in the Nik   


Add that second line which is filled with thread, and then draw the holes at the foot part of the sneaker. Next, draw the other detailing line along side the swoosh symbol, and move to step six.


One Nike down, and open more to go, or half of one. Start the second shoe the same way you did the first but make sure that they are the same hight, and sole thickness. Draw in the laces and then you can proceed to the next drawing step which will ta   


Again, draw in the stitch line on the sole that makes a thin split in the sole of the sneaker. Again, draw in the AF1 design and draw in the other side of laces, When you are confident that the Nikes look good, you can start erasing the lines and sha   


Here they are all done. Now you can choose to color them in using your favorite color scheme, or from one of the popular designed colors Nike has already. I hope you had fun learning how to draw Air Force Ones.

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March 22, 2011

Description: It's time for a shoe tutorial that is going to be very popular for all you guys and girls that love stylish, pop culture sneakers that is worn by millions of people. This lesson is going to be based on "how to draw Nike", step by step. The Nike shoe design in this tutorial is the well known AF1 or Air Force 1. This shoe was designed by Bruce Kilgore and the sneaker was introduced back in 1982. That is more than twenty five years that the Air Force 1 has been an icon sneaker for women, men, and children. The AF1 is the shoe that started the whole genre of the “air” technology like Air Jordan’s and so on. The name behind the sneaker was to reference the jet “Air Force One” which is as you know, the United States President's only transportation when in flight. Singer Nelly, loves Nike AF1 so much, he even recorded a song about it with St. Lunatics called “Air Force Ones” and that song is strictly about the shoes. The sneaker design comes in three different styles, low top, mid top, and of course high top. The colors are almost limitless because there is so many different collaborative shades that the Air Force One comes in. Even though there is a wide variety of colors that you can find this shoe in, one of my favorites is the white on white style. This is because it's a simple look, with a simple style. Black on black is also available and no matter what color scheme you get, they all come with that small medallion at the bottom of the lace that has the inscription engraved “AF-1 82” or least the last time I checked they did. Anyways, this tutorial should be liked by many and hated by few. All types of genre love the AF1, which means learning "how to draw Nike" is going to be a blast. You can also go to Nike and check out some of the more recent AF1 designs before you tackle this lesson. I will be back in a few with more drawing fun. Stick around to see what else I have up my drawing sleeve for you all and like always, enjoy your drawing day!

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