How to Draw a Snake Dragon

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In this step like always you are going to draw out the guidelines to help you draw the snake dragon a lot easier. Start by drawing a circle for the head, two medium sized circles for the torso and the back end which will be part of the dragons body.    


Here in this step you will be filling out the snake dragons body. Starting at the head like always, draw several different shapes inside the circle you drew for the head in step 1. Just look at the image and use that as your guide so you can get an i   


In this step you will start to detailing the entire body of the snake dragon. At the top draw out the long cone shaped ears and detail the one that is facing you with an ear separation line. Detail the neck of the beast with some simple lining, and d   


This is a very short step to tackle. You will be sketching out the face by drawing in the eyeball and nostril holes. Draw the bottom part of the jaw and when you are done your dragon should have the strong look of a snake. The snake dragon has a smal   


This step is really more of a tip. It explains to you how you should draw the ears, And it really is a good tip to use on other drawings as well. When ever you draw dragons or other creatures you can use the same technique. You could even use this te   


This is another tip I left for you guys to show you a technique when drawing the hands on a dragon or other bony looking creatures. To read this tip all you have to do is enlarger the image and read what I left for you to read and learn from. I guara   


And after all is said and done you will end up with a snake dragon that looks like this. Before reaching this goal, you have to erase all the guidelines and circles that you drew in step one. At the end you are left with a perfect looking snake drago   

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February 17, 2008

Description: Today we will be drawing the Snake Dragon. What is a snake dragon? It is a lower class beast that evolved from the snake. The older the serpent creature gets, the more draconic it will form. At about twenty years of age, this reptile is not considered a dragon at all; it is referred to being more of a snake than dragon. These beasts can grow up to ten feet in height and seventy four in length. What scientists find unusual about the Snake Dragon’s behavior is that, the younger the creature, the friendlier. As the dragon gets older, it matures and becomes more aggressive. Travelers can find these fascinating evolving creatures in deserts, mountains, rainforests, woodlands, and by the ocean. Snake Dragons that live in the desert area are consumed by the ferocious Green Dragon. These beasts will swallow the measly little serpent with ease compared to its enormous size. Since, these dragons are small; they have excellent agility and are extremely poisonous, this helps them outrun and defend from larger predators. The poison of a Snake Dragon can kill an elephant sized beast in no more than five minutes. That elapsed time compared to a human is incredibly dangerous. A human can be killed in one minute. The dragon’s poison runs through its teeth. The poison first enters the blood stream and instantly travels to the heart. It paralyzes it and the prey dies from a stroke. So although the dragon looks cute and cuddly, it can whip up a deadly bite. Approximately a thousand people are killed from these dragons. Luckily there is anti-venom. There is always a way to cure poison, it is nature’s treat. Eventually, as the Snake Dragon gets older, its poison wares away. This is because; the dragon evolves into a larger predator as it grows. It can reach the length of two school buses and the height of twenty feet (adult size). So, I hope you learned a lot about this unusual creature. In this tutorial, we are drawing a twenty year old Snake Dragon. Remember it isn’t considered a dragon but considered more of a serpent. It took me an hour to color and draw this creature. I used Adobe Photoshop CS to color the entire image. The sketch was done on my drawing pad using a mechanical pencil and a white kneaded eraser. The step by step instructions will help you draw this simple looking dragon with ease, and forget to read the tips I left for you in the steps. I hope this tutorial comes of use! Use your imagination and have fun!

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