How to Draw a Dragon Head Side View


Start with some simple shapes for the head, snout, and neck.


Then move onto the lining and shape of the head and make the appearance of the mouth being open. Study the lines above and make your adjustments.


As you can see the head and jaw is starting to take form. Continue to follow the line art instructions and proceed onto the next step.


Draw the tongue, teeth, nose hole, and eye with the brow squinted to show off the aggressiveness of this beast.


Clean up the lines a bit and move onto the dragons horns and ear. This step is simple.


Now, what we want to do, is add more detail to the jaw line and neck. Also detail the eye better as well.


By this time your sketch looks like a bunch of scribbles. You can clean up some more lines if you like or wait till later in the sketch. Add the line work for the dragon’s beard, and put a lot more details in the face. Don't forget to add the skin    


Put more details inside the mouth and add more lines on the inside of the ear. Prepare the ear with the holes for the ear ring. Add the definition to the beard too.


Put the hair lines in the dragon's beard for added detail. and a couple more line art on the neck.


Congradulations, you did it. Clean your sketch and color your dragon head to your own preference. That wasn't so bad now was it.

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December 22, 2007

Description: This is a real simple tutorial on how to draw a dragon head. When sketching a dragons head, you want to make sure that you put all the lines in portion. If the lines are out of proportion, that’s when you end up with a head that looks real deformed. One of my favorite things to draw is dragons, so when I draw them I take my time with my sketches. I put a lot of thought behind the image I draw. It’s almost like getting a tattoo, there is serious thought behind the art you decide to print. I sketched this dragon head on a sketching pad with a lead pencil. I always scan my images into the computer and make my finishing touches there. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a dragon head that you will be able to use no matter the color or race. Have fun, but don’t rush when drawing. This sketch is not hard to draw, but you do need to have a steady hand.

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