How to Draw a Rainforest

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You will first need to draw a basic outline for your rainforest layout. Start by sketching out the tops for the trees above, and then draw the stems for the trunks, and a horizon line as you see here that should flow across your paper.


There is so many different types of plants in the amazon, which means yo will have to draw a variety of foliage. Start by sketching the foliage of the tress, and then draw the hanging vines, and large leaves you see to the right. Have fun and draw so   


Finish sketching out the tree tops and then draw the tree trunks as you see it drawn out here. Once that is done you can sketch in more loose or low hanging tropical vines, and then sketch in the background for your rainforest landscape.


Here you will draw an oversized fern leaf and then draw a low laying tree limb that has some moss growing on it. You will then draw some more leaves surrounding the front of the area.


For your last drawing step, just tweak up your sketch by sketching in some more leaves, trees, and definition. You can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing, and prepare it for ultimate deep co   


Drawing a rainforest landscape was fun, and extremely creative. It's now time to have even more fun by coloring it in. I do hope you had fun with this tutorial, and be sure to read more on the amazon rainforest. It's nice to learn how we are loosing    

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January 30, 2010

Description: It's time for another landscape drawing and this time it is going to take place in the Amazon. The rainforest is a place that holds the largest collection of plant and animal life. Did you know that if the Amazon was a country it would be the ninth largest place in the world? I have read about the rainforest and how it is being destroyed with each passing day. It's sad to see that such a beautiful and important place is loosing ground in our world. The sad part is that, if the rainforest where to be completely destroyed, then we as humans would loose a whopping twenty percent of our oxygen. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it's true. I mean how can it not, it's made up of 1.2 billion acres which is basically two fifths of the South American continent. Now the Amazon rainforest is part of Brazil right? Just think, one pond in Brazil can house a greater number of fish and aquatic life then that of all the rivers in Europe. Or how about this food for thought, the amount of different types of fish species found in the amazon, is greater then all the fish that live in all of the Atlantic Ocean. The sketch I drew out is very simple, and learning "how to draw a rainforest, step by step” is going to be a lot easier then you think. The amazon consists of thick dense amounts of trees, foliage, vines, water, humidity, and most of all animals and insects. Just reading the facts about this wondrous place gives me the chills because it is so close to being on the verge of destruction. Have fun with this tutorial, and be creative by adding some tropical animals, plants, and or insects. I will be back momentarily so be sure to stay tuned in to the best drawing site in the world,

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