How to Draw a Red Fire Breathing Dragon

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In this first step what you will be doing is drawing out the frame of the fire breathing dragon with basic lines and circles. Starting at the head draw two circles and a banana shape. This will be for the head, snout and jaw. Then draw two more circl   


This step is where you will be drawing out the actual outside frame of the fire breathing dragons body. Always start at the head and draw out the jaw and mouth then the tip of the skull, and the out line for the horns. Now continue to draw out the en   


In this step you will be drawing slight definition and detail to some areas of the fire breathing dragon. First you can finish off the head by sketching in the face as shown, and draw more smaller spikes that come out along the side of the cheek. The   


Now here is where we get down to some of the nitty gritty. This is a relatively short step where you will be starting at the head again and sketch out the shape of the eye and draw in the eyeball. Detail inside of the ears with some basic curved line   


This step contains alot of the nitty gritty that will take you a while longer to complete. You will be sketching in the definition and detail on the fire breathing dragons wings, tail, head, legs, and feet. First what you want to do is sketch out the   


And the final step at last. Here you will be only sketching the fire that comes from the dragons mouth. The best way to do this is enlarge the image and sketch the fire exactly how it's shown. After you finish that the last thing to do is erase all t   


This is the finished sketch when you are done. Your drawing should look like or resemble the one shown above. This is a Photoshop sketch not the real thing. I actually deleted the layer of the sketch from Photoshop when I went to go color it out. Al   

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February 24, 2008

Description: Welcome to my How to Draw a Red Fire Breathing Dragon. What I am about to tell you is going to be about the fire breathing dragon. This creature lives amongst the smoky volcanoes and high mountains. Each fire breathing dragon has different markings tattooed on their body. The markings indicate the dragon’s name, age, personality, and powers. They can vary depending on the beast. Sometimes, when these creatures change in personality or age, the tattoos will update into different markings. This is how other dragons of the same race recognize each other. Most travelers or villagers find them near the volcanoes, (naturally because of their ability to release fire). Tons of these beasts eat the ashes and molten rock of the volcanoes to keep their fire strong, hot, and this also helps keep their hides a fiery color. The fire breathing dragon also feasts on flesh. They only eat molten rock when they need to produce fire. A gullet full of molten rock can last for fire up to ten hours. This means that the dragon must refill its gullet every ten hours. If they don’t, they cannot breathe any fire. The fire helps them fend off predators or catch prey. The fire breathing dragon can grow up to twelve feet tall and forty feet long. Unlike most dragons, this creature’s wings are built horizontally on its back. They only have three flight fingers that have large thin flaps of membrane between them. Overall they fly up to fifty miles per hour. Like rare heartwarming species of dragons, the fire breathing dragon is gentle and nice towards humans. They have no offense nor prey upon them. Actually, they help humans and nearby villagers for building, transportation, hunting, and protection. Well, I hope this little dragon bio gave you some cool facts about the fire breathing dragon. The image I have drawn took me three hours to color in Photoshop. The line work was done in a sketchbook. I also made the lines more crisper and clearer using Photoshop as well. And by the way, the background was made by this cool arcane brush I found at DeviantArt. The markings were originally done by me. So there you have it, I hope this tutorial will help you out. Enjoy!

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