How to Draw a Simple Dragon


The first step is to draw guidelines to help you draw the demon dragon a whole lot easier. Start off at the head and draw a round circle with a smaller circle inside of that one. Now draw on big long line from the middle of the head down to the middl   


Now what you are going to do here is out line the guidelines to form the actual body of the simple dragon. Start off by drawing the snake like head and neck which is simple. Then move down and draw a rugged circle over the smaller one to form the tor   


Now this step looks like there is alot to do but there really isn't. Okay there is. Always start at the top and work your way down. At the top draw the two horns and then underneath the jaw draw the two bones that are sticking out of the flesh. Next    


In this step it shouldn't take to long because all you will be doing is drawing the wings and defining the wing like tissue that hangs from the arms of the dragon. The dragons wings are curved down like there wilted. Sketch out the wings by starting   


Now this is where you will pay more attention to detail by sketching in the actual face of the dragon.look at the image and see where the eyes go and how big. Of course the size of each body part you draw depends on how big you sketch out the image.    


In this step you will draw some details and definition on the dragons face, jaw, arms, legs and wings. Start off at the top and sketch in the tissue that is in the middle of the head by coloring it in very lightly with your pencil. Then move down to    


A very short step here all you will do is define and detail the dragons wing. This wing really needs to look beat up and dead like. Just look at it and you will know what I am talking about. After you finish doing that and i hope you take your time,    


Here it is now you are finally done. Your sketch should end up like this when you are done, and if it don't go back and fix your mistakes. You can color him in any color you want that is totally up to you. I hope you had fun and beware the demon drag   

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February 5, 2008

Description: Welcome to the How to Draw a Simple Demon Dragon. I bet you haven't heard of a demon dragon before. That’s because they come from my own imagination. These are dark creatures that lurk in darkness roaming the land at night to find prey and power. Instead of breeding the old fashion way, these dragons multiply by splitting in half. The halves form into a full bodied dragon. Unfortunately, the multiplier must collect at least twenty human souls to multiply itself. This is a unique power amongst all mythical beasts. These dragons hunt for the souls of humans, flesh, and nutrients of human bones. Other beast or beings are no use to the demon dragons. Once they have collected a thousand human souls, they will form into a powerful demon known as Sarthan. But every time these demons try to accomplish their goal, a hero always makes them retreat with shame and disgust. The only way a demon dragon can be defeated is by a powerful dragon slayer. These brave men are the only beings that can defeat these beasts. Mysteriously, life always finds a way, which means these demon dragons can re-grow randomly from an unknown power source. For year’s dragon slayers tried to find a solution to end the infestation of these vermin, it seems every five centuries, a dragon slayer is sent to defeat all the dragons. This can take up to years for the dragon slayer. But for his/her good doing, they are given a choice with immortal life. Everyone knows what immortal means right? Sometimes these warriors become gods to watch over future dragon slayers. Once, there was a time that these dragons almost formed Sarthan, but a slayer killed them all and released all the souls that they have taken, to a safe haven. I know demon dragons seem extremely scary. Once Sarthan is unleashed upon earth, the world will end. Nature works in mysterious ways. Why did nature create these unearthly dragons in the first place? No one will ever know. Maybe it’s to create good and bad levels in the world or to end humanity once and for all. Join me and learn "how to draw a simple dragon", step by step. The instructions show you in detail how to sketch, draw, and finish your art work with ease. Let's see how your simple dragon drawing comes out!

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