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How to draw a golden eagle

Artist: daisydog / April 12, 2012
How to draw a golden eagle

Step 1.

This is an easy step. Draw a large circle for the head and a smaller circle for the body. Make sure you draw a line in the middle of the 2 cicles, to help with the neck :)

Step 2.

Now on this, we draw a Small curved beak. Its like a curved V shape, but has a smaller V shaped sharp beak part on the bottom of the top jaw. then draw the bottom jaw with a tongue inside :)

Step 3.

One easy step! Draw 2 circles for the eyes and 2 smaller cicles inside for its pupils

Step 4.

Make a round circular head for the eagle, with 2 small, cute tufts of hair. Then move onto step 5 :)

Step 5.

This is the hardest step. Draw its round body and attach 2 wings to it. The wing on the right should have a L shapped flick, and the left wing should have no flick at all, just a semi circle shape. Then move onto the tail. It should be a rectangular    

Step 6.

Draw 2 small, thing claws. First draw 2 lines (step for one leg doe same on leg 2) and curve it and draw another set of lines and cute them into making a claw. and draw a straight line of the claw and then go straight again. Its very tricky to unders   

Step 7.

Your now finished! Hope you enjoyed my tut, and ill be back with more tommorow! See you then, and colour in your picture any colour you like, daisydog :)

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Artist: daisydog
Date Added: April 12, 2012
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Tags: how to draw birds
Description: Hello guys! Here is my 2nd tutorial that took me all day! I used Windows XP paint and it was really tricky to use, but it just takes time and practice to be an expert :) Today is a tutorial on "how to draw a golden eagle". Actually, golden eagles are not golden! They are a type of light brown, russet gold and black mixed into it, which makes it lovely glossy coat. This is a replica of a golden eagle, but drew in cartoon, to make it much easier for the Novice. Hope you enjoy the tut and i will be looking forward to seeing how you did! I'll be back with my 3rd tut tommorow, and just to say, THERE ARE NO RUBBISH DRAWERS. Dont dought yourself. Talk to you later, daisydog