How to Draw a Realistic Hawk, Harris Hawk

Artist: finalprodigy / April 26, 2012

Step 1.

Start out by picking your materials. I decided to use charcoal for this tutorial. If you are using graphite you can use the same grades of graphite (HB, 6B). I also used soft willow charcoal for rough shading

Step 2.

Start out with a very basic sketch. I used HB charcoal for my sketch.

Step 3.

Your sketch may end up looking like this.

Step 4.

Start developing your sketch starting with the head.

Step 5.

Develop the body.

Step 6.

Start developing the hawk's right ring.

Step 7.

sketch in the larger feathers.

Step 8.

Start developing the other wing.

Step 9.

Finish up the rest of the wing.

Step 10.

Roughly shade over the drawing with soft charcoal.

Step 11.

Blend over your shading with a cloth or paper towel.

Step 12.

Add a basic layer of shading using 6B charcoal. Concentrate on the dark areas. Don't worry about details yet.

Step 13.

Lightly blend over your shading with a blending stump.

Step 14.

Use an HB pencil to add details. Use a kneadable eraser to add highlights.

Step 15.

Add shading to the body with 6B charcoal then blend again.

Step 16.

Add a bit of detail with an HB pencil.

Step 17.

Use 6B charcoal and a blending stump again to start adding rough shading to the wings.

Step 18.

Shade the rest of the hawk's right wing. Develop your background as you move along. I used 6B charcoal and soft charcoal on the background.

Step 19.

Start shading in the other wing.

Step 20.

Shade in the rest of the wing and background.

Step 21.

Start adding finishing details to the wings using HB charcoal. Clean up the background as well.

Step 22.

Shade in the rest of the wing feathers and add final shading to the drawing using 6B and soft charcoal. That about does it for this tutorial, let me know how you do!

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: I absolutely love drawing birds of prey. Hawks, eagles, and falcons just have an air of epicness about them that no other animals have. I hope you all will enjoy this tutorial on how to draw one of the kings of the sky, the Harris Hawk.