How to Draw an Eagle Flag

Artist: teelemily / March 7, 2012

Step 1.

Draw a circle with lines going diagnally through it and draw the wing which is just part of a long ovil and draw the bodie.

Step 2.

now draw the eye eye and the beak and some details.

Step 3.

now fill in the the inside of the mouth and put in some more details.

Step 4.

Now earase your guid lines and start on your flag.

Step 5.

Now draw the stars.

Step 6.

Now you are pretty much done!!

Step 7.

Just color it in and youve got your own flag eagle!!!

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Artist: teelemily
Date Added: March 7, 2012
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Tags: draw eagles, how to draw eagles, how to draw flags, sketch eagles, eagle drawings, eagle drawing, how to sketch eagles, sketching eagles
Description: This is the flag eagle i paint on my feathers. I would like to thank catlucker for sowing me how to make a tutoria! Hope you like it!!