How to draw a baby rabbit

Artist: daisydog / April 13, 2012

Step 1.

Another circle step! Draw a large circle and a smaller circle for head and body support. Then draw very small circles at the bottom of the body circle for foor support :)

Step 2.

Draw its neck with 2 straight, then slightly curved lines. Then Draw the body, with a round, plump shape :)

Step 3.

Draw the details inside the rabbits foot and do on to the oval patch in the torso. When drew, make sure you have a W shape type of fur tuft for fur details :)

Step 4.

This step is how to draw the ears. Draw them long and and cute, by making it lop eared! Its like a U shape :)

Step 5.

Draw the back legs now, and then draw to large eyes with small pupils. draw a triangular nose and a cute round mouth attached to it :)

Step 6.

Your now finnished! Erase anything you need too, and i'll be looking forward to seeing how you did! See you all later for my 4th tut tommorow! Bye, daisydog

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Artist: daisydog
Date Added: April 13, 2012
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Description: Hello guys! This is my third tut! I think you would of guessed what it is! Today im going to show you how to draw a rabbit. Its another simple tutorial by me. Hope you enjoy it, and ill chat to you later! :), daisydog