How to draw a wolf cub

Artist: daisydog / April 20, 2012

Step 1.

Easy! Just draw 2 circles. 1 large one and a small one. Make a line between outings! :)

Step 2.

Draw the wolves long ears and tuff of fur for a cute detail for it. Complete the head, and complete a very small neck :)

Step 3.

Complete the body. Make it circular, with another small circle inside it, for a patch. Then attch 4 cute tiny legs on it :)

Step 4.

Now its the head details! Draw a 2 small circular eyes with circle pupils inside. Draw am oval nose and a cute mouth attached to it! :)

Step 5.

Your now finnished! 4 easy steps on how to draw a wolf! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and ill see you later!, daisydog :)

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Artist: daisydog
Date Added: April 20, 2012
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Description: Hello guys! Sorry this tutorial was late! I was just downloading a site called wolf quest! Copy and paste this into your search engine bar, but the one nest the the back and forwards arrows: .Wolf quest is an online game where you can have cubs after finding a mate, hunt, kill intruders (grizzily bears, cyotes), Have your own pack/terretory, mark your territory (LOL), Real people play in your pack! Its so ace! Thats what im going to say for this one! See you all later, daisydog!