How to Draw Baby Chickens, Realistic Chicks

Artist: finalprodigy / April 24, 2012

Step 1.

Start out by picking your materials. I used white charcoal for highlight, HB charcoal for fine lines, and 4B charcoal for dark shading. I also used soft willow charcoal for rough shading.

Step 2.

Start out with a very basic and rough sketch. I used a carbon pencil for this step but you can use anything as long as it can be easily erased.

Step 3.

Your sketch may look something like this if you use a carbon pencil. Don't worry about details just get a rough ideas of the chicks down.

Step 4.

Roughly and lightly shade over the drawing with soft charcoal.

Step 5.

Blend over the shading with a paper towel or blending stump.

Step 6.

Add some dark shading above the chickens heads using 4B charcoal.

Step 7.

Lightly add a layer of white over the heads. This is easiest with a white charcoal stick.

Step 8.

Use a 4B pencil to add shading around the taller chick.

Step 9.

Add a layer of white shading to the body.

Step 10.

Use a 4B pencil to add dark shading around the shorter chick.

Step 11.

Add a layer of white to the second chick.

Step 12.

Add a layer of shading to the background using soft charcoal and blend it in with a blending stump.

Step 13.

Use a white charcoal pencil to draw in the head feathers and highlights.

Step 14.

Use a 4B charcoal on the background and dark shading. Add details using HB charcoal. You can blend in your shading using either a blending stump or a white charcoal pencil.

Step 15.

Add feathers on the other chick's head.

Step 16.

Use the same materials again to define this chick's head and the background around it.

Step 17.

Draw in the feathers on the taller chick's body.

Step 18.

Use 4B charcoal on the background and HB on the body.

Step 19.

Draw in the feathers on the remaining chick's body.

Step 20.

Define the chick's feathers and the background surrounding it.

Step 21.

Use HB and white charcoal to define the chicks' feet.

Step 22.

Shade in the feet using HB and white charcoal. Use a 4B pencil to add some shadows behind the chicks and clean up your background. I hope you all have fun with this one and as always comments and questions are more than welcome!

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Artist: finalprodigy
Date Added: April 24, 2012
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Description: Hey everyone, here's a charcoal tutorial on how to draw baby chickens or chicks. This drawing is based on a super adorable wallpaper that I ran by. Once I saw the picture I knew I would have to draw it!