Moose Tattoo Drawing Lesson


Just as the title says, we will be drawing the beginning guidelines for this moose. Start with a simple circle and then draw the shape of the body. Also, draw the guidelines for the face and front legs.


This is going to be a tut that will take a while to complete. Take your time when tackling this feat. Start by using the head guide to start sketching out the skull of the moose head. I always begin with the top portion and work my way down. You will   


Okay, now we will start to create the antlers. Even though this is a skeletal moose, you still need to draw the antlers. Add some nice definition and detail to the antlers and then at the base of the skull. Take your time and don't rush.


Begin sketching out the bottom part of the jaw. This should also consist of teeth. Notice the bone structure to the jaw, and be sure to detail this part of the moose skeleton.


As you can see the head and antlers of this moose skull is basically done. We will now move on to drawing the body starting with the neck and then work our way to the shoulder area. Take your time when you do this so everything comes out neat and uni   


Moving on to the front legs and hoof bones. Start at the back part of the leg and draw it in sections. You will then draw the ankle bones and then the foot and hoof bones. Add detailing to the skeletal bones and proceed to step seven.


Okay, now that the front limbs and neck skeletal frame is drawn, you can now start sketching out the ribs and the pelvic bones followed by the small hind leg. Again, take your time, don't rush. Gradually move down the spine and create the formation o   


You will simply draw the opposite side of the rib cage like so. It also needs to be colored in since its in the shadow area of the body.


Continue on with this step by drawing more ribs and add some shading to them. This should look dimensional so keep that in mind.


We will start adding some shading to the eye and nose hollows and when that is done add more shading to the inside corner of the mouth and along the back part of the moose head. Sketch in more definition along the bottom jaw bone too.


You will now draw the flames that surround the moose in flight. This undead moose is floating through the gates of hell. Take your time because you will need to add detailing to the flames.


Go ahead and draw the gates of hell and then color them in. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


That's it. You are finally done. Now go ahead and color in your drawing. I hope you lied this tutorial.

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October 6, 2020

Description: This is a piece that took me a few days to complete. In the end I love how it came out. It's a drawing of the skeleton of a moose charging out of the gate of Hell. The purple smoke cloud mixed with the orange/red flames makes this drawing come alive. The detailing and moose skeleton came out so cool. I think many of you will enjoy trying to replicate this piece, but I must worn you that if you are not an advanced artist, you will be challenged. But, being challenged is what it's all about when you're an artist. What kind of fun is it when you don't push yourself to go beyond on what you are able to do. I have been drawing for so long, and I'm still not where I want to be. Anyways, have fun with learning how to draw this Moose tattoo, step by step.

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