How to Draw a Chibi Cat Cupcakes


Make one circle for the head and then the guidelines for the face and cupcakes.


Using the guide you just made go ahead and draw the ears and the dripplets of frosting on the tips of each ear.


Here you can start drawing in the face. Start with the eyes and then draw the nose and whiskers. Notice you can see some of the cat's mouth which is open and ready to take another slobbering bite. Draw the arms and paws with the one paw covered in fr   


Now you can draw two cupcake cups on each side of the cat.


Add the ribbed lining for each cup.


Draw the rest of the cat's body as well as the spilled over frosting from the left cupcake. It appears that the cat ate the cake and left the frosting for last. Add the sprinkles and mess on the body as well.


All you have to do here is draw in the swirl of frosting on the right cupcake and then add the sprinkles. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Line art should look like the drawing you see here. Add your own colors if you want to personalize your style.

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April 21, 2021

Description: I don't know anymore. I just draw these random concepts just to try new things out. Sometimes I end up with a good name for my art and other times I have to find a name to place on a piece. That is the case with this lesson on how to draw a chibi Cat cupcakes, step by step. I ended up drawing a chibi version of a cat with oversized cupcakes on each side of him. I guess the reason for all the cat lessons is because of the fact that I have a Bengal kitten that can sometimes drive me nuts, but he has a lot of personality. The lesson itself is pretty fun and I think that most of you will enjoy drawing this chibi cat with cupcakes. Notice how the kitty is digging in and being a slob. That is how I feel when I want to devour cupcakes. Anyways, have fun and stick around there is more to come.

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