Drawing an Orchid

1 drawing the guidelines

Just draw an arched line.

2 drawing the petals

You will draw i another orchid petal like so. It's the same shape as the first one you made.

3 more petals

Add another orchid petal like so. Notice the inner parts of the petals are tapered making each look like a spade.

4 center of flower

You will now draw the center part of the orchid. This is where the pollan resides. you will then draw more of the petals too.

5 detailing the petals

We will now add detailing to each orchid flower petal. These are just vertical lines in even paths of each other.


You will now repeat the same process you just tackled with drawing the second blossom of the orchid.

7 more blossoms

Continue on to drawing another blossom


I hate to say it, but draw in another orchid blossom. Notice that the path of the blossoms are going in another path.


you are almost done. Draw in the stems of the orchid flower like so and then add some small leaves on the branch of the orchid.


At the base of the flower you will create a large leaf bed. These are the thick, oblong shaped leaves that are at the base of the orchid stem.


FInally the last drawing step. Just draw the pot that the orchid plant is in. You can choose any style of pot. Erase the mistakes if you made any.

12 Final lineart step

Yup, that's pretty much it. Go ahead and color in your drawing.

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October 6, 2020

Description: There are time when I have a lot of fun drawing certain things like plants and animals. When I really get into a drawing I start enjoying what I'm doing and the creativity just flows out. The shadow on the back wall, the coloring of this flower, all of it I really loved. I actually have one of these plants in my house, and its really beautiful. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to draw an orchid.

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