How to Draw a Tribal Yin Yang


Let us begin by drawing a perfect circle like so, then add the swirl in the center like so.


Starting on the left side right at the inner part of the swirl begin sketching out the tribal dragon's head and snout completely. The lining should be full of contour shapes as this is a tribal version of a dragon within a yin yang.


Now that the head and snout of the dragon is all drawn in, you can start working on the body. As you can see there is gaps within the design of the body. Take your time so your tribal dragon for your tribal yin yang comes out almost perfect.


Up next you will begin sketching out the flaming style lining to form the back and wing.


Now that the first dragon is done on the left, you can start drawing the second dragon. The head should be drawn the same exact way, if you need to position the paper in a more workable pose go right ahead.


Now you can repeat what you did in the previous step to sketch out some of the back and wing for your dragon inside the tribal yin yang.


Complete the inside of the yin yang by drawing the chest, and body for your second dragon. Make sure to take your time so all comes out well.


Erase the mistakes and color in one side blacker then the other. There should be some blackness to the right side for the lining.


Here is what you should end up with when you are done. Now you can have fun coloring in your drawing on a tribal yin yang.

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January 2, 2014

Description: There is a couple more tribal lessons coming your way and I am very happy to be showing you all this first one which is on "how to draw a tribal yin yang", step by step. Instead of doing something boring, I included two tribal dragons within the inner circle. As you can see the dragons are identical and have the same form and design. What makes them different is their colors. One is black and the other is obviously white. Drawing a tribal yin yang is going to be challenging, but I'm confident that you will all be successful. Thanks guys and remember to leave some feedback.

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