Mabosstiff, How to Draw


Here you can start with some guidelines and shapes to make a workable frame for Mabosstiff.


Using the guidelines we will draw out Mabosstiff's snout first and then the big mustach-like muzzle.


Next, draw out those big friendly eyes and the big thick eyebrows.


Here we will draw in the crown of his mane which is slicked back as well as the long lion-like beard followed by the ears.


Move on to drawing out the back line and the two front legs and feet. You all also add detailing to the beard.


Finish the back by drawing the tuft of fur that flows down on top of his back along with the markings that cascade down the side of his body. When that is done you can complete the ear and draw in more of the leg.


Lastly, finish drawing out the legs and feet, then erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art when you are all done. All that is needed now is some color to bring this gentle giant to life.

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How cute this is awesome thanks so much for taking my request. :)

Hi I was wondering when you have a few minutes could you draw Hisuian Bravary from Pokemon? I noticed they are not up here on Drago Art Just Braviary is: please and thank you. :)

Hi I was wondering if you could when you have a few minutes maybe do a tutorial on how to draw Tutsu from TemTem, please?



January 22, 2024

Description: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another one of my lessons. Today I will show you how to draw Mabosstiff, step by step. I guess this is a fairly new Pokemon character. I'm not sure whether or not if he is in an animated series, or if he is a Pokemon from the game series. Nonetheless, I made this lesson because I enjoy drawing Pokemon. Even though they are not real animals, they helped me develop my animal drawing skills better. Anyway, go ahead and knock yourselves out with drawing Mabosstiff. I still have more to come so either stick around or come back around to see what's next.

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