Wolf, How to Draw Karate Sheep


Start off by drawing the guide shapes and then the guidelines.


Next, use the guidelines to draw out the eyes and nose.


Here you will draw out Wolf's face as well as the head and ears. Don't forget the mask line and his frown.


Go ahead and draw the back line as well as the arm and hand which is resting straight by his side.


Go ahead and draw the front part of the body followed by the belt.


For the last drawing step, you will only have to draw the tail, legs, and feet. Erase the mistakes before jumping to the line art.


Here is the line art for Wolf from Karate Sheep. Now you can have fun coloring him in.

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Awww this is so adorable keep up the great work.



February 27, 2024

Description: Hey, there once again. Here is the second main character from the Netflix series, Karate Sheep. Up next I will show you how to draw Wolf, step by step. He is simple to recreate so you shouldn't have any issues with being successful with this lesson. I hope you enjoy it and I will be back with the last lesson for the day.

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