Buffalo Dream Catcher Drawing Lesson

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Make the shape for the head which is a circle, then draw the guide for the neck and face.


Up next, start sketching out the buffalo's tuft of hair on his head. This should be a big shaggy and long so it looks flowing.


Up next, draw in the actual structure for the buffalo's face shape like so. When that is done you can draw the snout, nostrils and then the long bushy beard on the chin. When that is done draw the horns, eye ear and sketch in all the detailing to the   


Up next, let's draw the five feathers which are blowing in the breeze. There are three clustered in one section and two sectioned in the other. Don't forget the definition to all feathers.


Finish the feathers by drawing the leather style string which has beads and two feathers attached to the base. Sketch in detailing to the feathers too.


Lastly, let's draw the dreamcatcher ring which surrounds the neck and head. Add detailing to the ring and then you are done and ready to erase the mistakes and guides.


This is the line art, so now all you have to do is color in this drawing of a buffalo dreamcatcher.

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April 16, 2016

Description: I have another dreamcatcher for you all and this time it is on the spiritual buffalo that Native Americans admire and worship more than any other animal besides the horse. Anyways, this lesson will show you how to draw a buffalo dreamcatcher, step by step. I love this concept so much, that I think it is my favorite dreamcatcher concept of all the ones I have drawn thus far. I love the coloring job I did as well. The pink hues that brush the buffalo's face makes the drawing look so intense. I hope you like this lesson. I will be back soon with some other tuts for you all so stick around.

#how to draw buffalo #how to draw dreamcatchers
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