Eagle Dreamcatcher Drawing Lesson


Create the head and neck shapes like so then draw in the guidelines for the beak and eye.


Now you will sketch out the head, beak and the lining for the belly of the top mandible.


Up next, we will draw the bottom part of the eagle's beak and then draw in the eye in a very traditional eagle eye form. Add some definition or detailing around the eye and on the beak.


Sketch out the head and neck, then draw in a layer of feathers to the neck and face.


We will add a clipped feather to the side of the eagle's head like so. When that is done trail the lining down as you create the leather string with the feathers at the end.


Create three more feathers and add detailing to the edges and through the center.


Now you are ready to draw the ring which surrounds the eagle's head. Add the detailing to the ring as well. Erase the mistakes along with the guides.


Here is the line art. Now just color in your eagle head dreamcatcher.

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April 4, 2017

Description: To go along with the dreamcatcher series I have two more lessons that carry the dreamcatcher theme and that includes this lesson on drawing an eagle dreamcatcher, step by step. Even though the eagle looks complex, it is actually going to be a simple task to complete. Since we will be drawing the eagle head from a profile or side view, the mission should be easier to finish. I love the subtle look and style of this dreamcatcher and hopefully you do too. Thanks guys and enjoy.

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