How to Draw Buffalo, Bison

How to Draw Buffalo, Bison
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The male bison, or buffalo, is larger and heavier than the female. In this tutorial we will draw a male buffalo. Let's start with the guide lines: big head and forepart of the body bulkier than the hind part.


Start drawing the head, muzzle, "beard" and the troat that have a long and shaggy coat.


Draw the eye and the area around it (the coat is shorter in this area) and the muzzle with nostrils and mouth.


Draw the hairy upper part of the head, the short and curved horn (both sexes have horns) and neck.


Draw shoulders and forelegs. Notice how the forepart is more muscular and massive that the hind part. Draw a pronunced hump on the shoulders.


Draw the back that gradually lower and the rest of the body, add hind legs and tail with a tuft of hair on its tip.


When you add the last details, remember that the coat is long and shaggy on the forepart (head, shoulders and part of the forelegs) and very short on the hind part (majority of the body and hind legs). Add also some muscles. The buffalo is finished!

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January 27, 2013

This time a short tutorial about American bison, also commonly known as American buffalo. I hope you like it!

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