Skeleton Alice Drawing Lesson


Begin with a shape or guide for the head/face like so. When that is done draw in the length of the neck guideline and then draw the shoulders or torso guides.


Use the face/head guide and begin drawing the structure of Alice's face and then draw the outline of her ear.


Fill the front gaps by drawing the puffy parted hairstyle and then draw the headband too.


Let us now draw in Alice's face. Start with the nicely shaped eyebrows and then draw in those big pretty eyes. Add the nose and then sketch in her lips. Add the roses as a crown on top of her head, and then draw the rose on the side of her face which   


Begin drawing the pattern on her face like small petals around the circle over the eye, then add the flowers and the rest of the markings on the face.


Draw the neck shape and then draw in the length of her long straight hair. Don't forget the collar from her shirt under the dress.


We will draw in the shoulder sleeves. They are a puffed style. When that is done draw in the front part of the dress. Alice almost appears to be wearing an apron over her blue dress.


All you have to do here is draw in her back and then the arms. Add a wrinkle to the dress and add more hair behind her back.


Add the remaining tattoos after you erase the mistakes and guides.


That's it, here is the line art. Just color in Alice in skeleton form.

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November 3, 2017

Description: A new concept theme has been getting my eye recently and that is the creation of popular animated characters in a skeleton or skeletal form. Today I chose to go with a character I notice when looking through Dragoart's artwork gallery and saw a really nice drawing someone did on skeletal Alice from Alice in Wonderland. This tutorial is a little different because instead of going with a traditional painted on skeleton face, I wanted to add color so I painted Alice's face using the sugar skull style. Anyways, you can choose what style skeleton you like, for me it is Day of the Dead style. Have fun drawing Skeleton Alice.

#how to draw alice in wonderland characters #how to draw sugar skulls
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