Native American Horse Drawing Lesson

Native American Horse Drawing Lesson
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To draw your horse, start with the head shape and muzzle guide shape.


You will now begin to sketch out the actual structure of the horse's muzzle and snout. When that is done create the bulge for the eye and the detailing to the face.


We can now draw the hair or mane for your horse, and then draw in the ears and eye.


Add more of the horse's mane which should look as though it is blowing in the breeze.


Here you will draw in both the feathered clip and more of the mane. Add detailing and definition to the feathers.


Simply draw in the shape of the horse's neck like so.


We will now draw the ring around the neck, and then draw in the definition to the ring which should also contain small leather tabs.


For the final step, draw in all the feathers that are attached to the strings. Add detailing and begin to erase your mistakes.


This is the line art. Color in your horse before you show folks the beautiful Native American horse you just drew.

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April 4, 2016

This is a great lesson for all you equine fans out there as well as you folks who love Native American art. Today, we will be learning how to draw a horse dreamcatcher, step by step. If you have always wanted to create a dreamcatcher with the focal theme of a traditional Appaloosa. Native American horses are probably the most beautiful creed of horse. Even through the Native Americans usually own American Quarter Horses and Southeastern horses, the Appaloosa is prettiest to me as well as more spiritual looking. I do hope you like drawing this horse concept. I will be back with more artistic fun.

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