How to Draw a Buffalo for Kids

Artist: Dawn / November 30, 2011

Step 1.

Draw two simple circles that are attached to each other like so. The head needs a face guide and when that is done move to step two.

Step 2.

Using the shape you just drew, begin sketching out the actual shape of the buffalo's head and face like so. As you can see this animal has a very strong or hearty face. Make a nose dash and then draw in the heavy coat of hair it has on the head as we   

Step 3.

Next, simply draw in the eye and then the eyeball. Notice how the lid lining is bold and dark.

Step 4.

Okay guys you will now start drawing out the hump that the buffalo seem to have for the shapes of their backs. This is going to be in the form of a hair patch like you see here.

Step 5.

Draw in the front legs and hooves, as well as some of the chest and or belly.

Step 6.

And lastly, draw the rest of the back lining and then draw in the tail. Be sure to add that tuft of hair at the end of the tail because as you know buffalo have this on their body. Draw the back legs or leg and hoof, then clean up the drawing.

Step 7.

The line art should come out looking clean and ready to color in. This is a great lesson to follow because you could actually make a heard of buffalo just by drawing more than five of them. Great job guys and keep up the good work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 30, 2011
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Description: I promise I will have some exciting, and more challenging stuff for you guys to draw tomorrow, I just wanted to get the basic requests done over the past few days because I plan on doing some hardcore stuff that will turn your heads upside down. For the third lesson letโ€™s learn "how to draw a buffalo for kids", step by step. I have to say something first; this is probably the best buffalo I have ever drawn and the funny thing is, itโ€™s a 'for kids' based lesson. Now, if I like the way that this buffalo came out, I know for a fact that a lot of you will have a blast with replicating the very same animal or beast you see here. To make things even easier, I made sure to draw the buffalo from a side view stance so all you novice artists out there don't have to worry about tackling the face at full frontal view. The coloring also came out nice and I think I captured the very essence of this animal even in a for kids style. So go ahead and have some good fun as you embark on the journey to drawing a buffalo for kids. I shall return so stay tuned in and hold on to your butts. Peace people!