Sugar Skull Drawing Tutorial

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Like always, start with a circle for the guide shape and then some facial guidelines.


Before we draw the head shape you will need to draw out the actual shape and style of the mask that this skull is wearing. It sort of looks like a bowtie before anything is added.


Next, make the eye hole sockets and then draw in the designing around the eyes and inside the mask itself. Once that is complete you can draw the nasal hole and color it in as well.


Now that the mask is all set, let's draw the jaw which is in a crooked position. The teeth are only at the bottom in this step and they look more like jagged spikes.


Here you will draw in the top portion of the skull's mouth along with the top row of teeth. Color inside the mouth black so everything else stands out.


Lastly, draw the top part of the skull shape and then the roses. The roses are simple enough to draw out, they are just swirls and not really that detailed. Erase the mistakes if you made any and then the guides.


This is the finished art when you are done. Have fun coloring in your sugar skull mask and don't forget to be creative and share, share, share this lesson.

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May 27, 2022

Description: This skull lesson was inspired by the movie Coco. I really love that movie and just watched it the other day and now for some reason I'm addicted to sugar skulls. So, instead of drawing another sugar skull, I thought it would be fun to make a regular skull with a over exaggerated shaped jaw wearing a sugar skull mask with flowers on the head. The end results of my vision came out like I expected, but just a bit better. Anyways, go ahead and have some good fun and that will do it for all the lessons on this Freaky Friday. Adios and be good folks.

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