How to Draw Peace

Artist: Dawn / June 1, 2022

Step 1.

Let's start with the basic guidelines to draw our nature landscapes in. Draw these guides very LIGHTLY on your paper if you're going to trace over the future lines with a permanent ink like pen or sharpie!

Step 2.

Then, starting with the moon, let's draw the sky first before we work our way down into the mountains. I always tell novice artists to work their way from top to bottom so things don't get complicated and confusing.

Step 3.

Next, let's work on the tree and ground portion of the night landscape half of the peace sign concept.

Step 4.

Then, let's work on the treeline part of the day landscape part of this peace sign tattoo.

Step 5.

Next, let's draw the mountains snuggled beyond the treeline and the detailing for the river's current definition.

Step 6.

After you've done that, draw a happy smiling sun and the clouds around it.

Step 7.

Then, draw the rest of the river in the lower quarter of the day side of the concept, we are almost done!

Step 8.

Finish the internal scenes of the peace sign with the small family at the lower part. That's truly the icing on the cake for this creative art idea!

Step 9.

Then, trace over the peace sign shape and erase the parts which have been overlapped by the scenic elements (like the moon and sun, clouds).

Step 10.

Once you've traced over your line art that you are satisfied with, your end result should be very similar to this. I hope you guys liked this lesson, because it was a total blast to work on. Don't be afraid to suggest some tut ideas too, or duel me i   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 1, 2022
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Description: Olah guys, I hope y'all are having a fantastic week so far! I've made this tutorial a while ago and just decided today to finish uploading it for all of you eager Dragoart fanatics to learn 'how to draw peace, step by step'! While on my daily Instagram browsing spree, I stumbled upon a couple of wicked cute and creative peace tattoos. Pondering on whether or not I should make something hippie based, I've decided to go ahead and work on something like this so you guys have a unique way to draw the peace symbol. I went with the theme 'life' in this concept, kind of putting emphasis on the cycle of life, nature, the difference between night and day, and all the beauty that can be witnessed in the simple of elements. Never take the day for granted, there is just so much beautiful content the simpleness of the day has to offer. Go for a stroll with no headphones onto a nature trail, or with headphones, go for a stroll outside early morning listening to whimsical soft tunes. Anyways, not to stray away from the subject at hand, I hope you guys will enjoy taking a punch at this tutorial!