How to Draw a Candy Skull

How to Draw a Candy Skull
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Start by making the shape of the head guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.


We will begin drawing the actual structure of the skull like so, and then draw the prominent bones for the cheek balls.


We will now sketch out structure for the rest of the face shape along with the chin and jaw structure.


Continue to work on the face by drawing the outline for the teeth and upper jaw shape.


We will now complete the teeth by drawing the separation lining that divides the top row from the bottom row. Also draw the lining that creates each individual tooth.


We will draw in the hollows for the eyes, then draw an upside down heart for the nasal cavity.


Now is when we start drawing the painting or markings on the face. But before we do that, erase the facial guidelines first. Once that is done, draw small petal shapes around the eyes and nose like so, then draw the vine that curls on the cheek bones   


If you plan on drawing the designs you see on this skull, you will need to draw in the roses in each eye hollow like so. When that is done draw in more vines along the jaw and cheeks then add a flower on the chin and then small leaves on the vines.


Draw another flower blossom on the top of the skull and then draw more vines along the top of the skull and then to create eyebrows draw vines above each eye.


Lastly, draw a cross on the forehead and then a heart under the cross. Add small vines on the temples and then you are all done.


Here is the line art for the candy skull, now the real fun begins because you will now color in your candy skull to make it look alive and beautiful.

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March 20, 2015

I have done plenty of these style skulls in the past but none colored in the way you see here. Today I will be showing you how to draw a candy skull, step by step. Now of course when you draw your candy skull you can choose to make up your own designs for the face or you can choose to go ahead and draw in my pattern that I made for this skull you see here. The roses inside the hollows of the eyes and the flowery designs on the face will make this concept really fun to replicate. I had a lot of fun making this candy skull as I know you will too. Remember, you can go with your own designing or you can replicate the style you see here.

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