Day of the Dead Skulls

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Make two shapes for the skull heads like so and sketch in the facial guideline to each face.


Start drawing the actual structure for each skull. As you can see the skull to the left has an empty area. This is where the hair will go.


Draw in the hair for the female sugar skull, and as you can see the hair has curly layers.


Starting with the right skull, draw the eye hole and then draw the indents to the side of the skull. You will also draw in the flower design around the eye and then draw in the design to the mouth.


This is the step where you will finish both Day of the Dead skulls known as sugar skulls by drawing the floral design as well as curled lining to make up the patterns on the faces. Color in the eye socket holes and more of the sections that should be   


That's it. You are all done with drawing your Day of the Dead skulls. Now you can add some color and show off the work.

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November 3, 2017

Description: Okay folks, today I have a few lessons that will be on different types of skull designs. I'm going to start by uploading this lesson on how to draw day of the dead skulls, step by step. These two sugar skulls are female and male. They have different sugar designs that correlates with one another perfectly. This is an easy concept to tackle from start to finish so I know artists of all skill levels will have no problem with drawing Day of the Dead skulls. I hope you like this tut, I will be back soon so stick around.

#how to draw sugar skulls
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