Sir Pentious, How to Draw


Let's begin with the guidelines and shapes for Sir Pentious.


Using the guides we just made, go ahead and draw out the shape of his head, and smiling mouth filled with teeth and two killer fangs. You will also draw the start of the hat too.


Before working on the hat, let's draw out the almond-shaped eyes, and his eyebrows, then work on the hat. Notice the hat also has a smiling mouth with gnarly teeth.


Complete the shape of the hat and draw the goggles. You will then draw the shoulders and some of the arm.


Next, draw the large eyeball in the center of his hat, then draw the flared wing like sides as shown to you here.


Define the inside of the flares and then draw two eye-like shapes with the slits in the middle. YOu will also draw the arch of Sir Pentious' back, before leaving this step draw in his hand too.


Make the really big eye-like shapes inside the flares, then work on drawing out the arm and sleeve. Detail it with the pin stripes too.


Almost done people. All you have to do here is draw the back arm.


Lastly, finish drawing the torso followed by the lapels for the jacket. Erase the mistakes and guides to clean up your drawing.


When all is said and done this is what your drawing of Sir Pentious should end up looking like. Now you can have some fun coloring him in.

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March 21, 2024

Description: Hey there everyone. I'm back today after a little hideous. I have started school which is why I'm not uploading as often as I used to, but when I find the extra time I will still upload tutorials for you all to enjoy and learn from. Today I have how to draw Sir Pentious, step by step from Hazbin Hotel. I figured since I keep getting requests for more characters in this animated series, I should just work on more characters from the show. I do hope you like this lesson. I will be back soon with some other drawing fun for you all. In the meantime, don't forget to love, comment, fav, and SHARE!

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