Angel Dust, How to Draw


Okay go ahead and draw out the guidelines and shapes.


Using the guides, draw the outline shape of the head and face as well as the neck. Kind of looks like a Who from Whoville.


Next, draw the big smile and teeth as well as the spots scattered on the face. At this stage Angel Dust looks like a Monsters Inc character.


Now you draw out the shapes of the eyes and the bow.


Draw the eyelids and eyebrows, then work on getting the body drawn out starting with the shoulders, torso and arms.


We will draw in the seam line down the body to create the suit the character is wearing and don't forget to include the tuft of hair on the chest. Draw in both gloves and hips.


Lastly, finish the right hand and draw in the pop that is being held. Erase the mistakes and the guides to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line art when you are done. Now you can have fun coloring in Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel.

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Thank you, so much, and for Alastair! These tutorials are amazing!



January 24, 2024

Description: Okay, so here is another Hazbin Hotel character that was requested by a member. I already had planned on doing this character, so it was pretty nice to see that someone wanted it. So, here is how to draw Angel Dust, step by step from the animated series Hazbin Hotel. I hope you like it. I think it came out okay. This character wasn't too complex to recreate so I feel confident you will have a good time with it. Thanks for viewing and remember to like, comment, love, fav and SHARE!

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