Alastor, How to Draw


Go ahead and get the shapes and guidelines drawn out for Alastor.


Using the guides draw out the shape of his face, neck and one hair chunk.


Here you will draw in the large, maddening smile as well as his monical.


We will utilize the facial guidelines to draw in those big expressive eyes and they are almost drawn in layers. Once that is complete draw the teeth and nose as well as some of his bangs that flow across the forehead.


Next, draw the hairstyle on the sides of the head and the monical chain which are the dots on his hair.


Draw in the ear-like shapes followed by the horns, then draw in the butterfly-like bow.


Go ahead and draw his shoulders which will also be the coat. You will then draw out the lapels for his blazer and some of the shapes for his arms.


Continue to work on his arms which are also his sleeves. When that is done draw the design pattern of the shirt under his blazer. Draw the second lapels and then more of the sleeves. Don't forget to draw some of the waist shape too.


In this step you will draw out the staff rod first and then draw in the left hand.


Lastly, finish the staff and then draw in the right hand and the rest of the blazer. Erase the mistakes and all the guides to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line art for Alastor. All you have to do now is color in this Hazbin Hotel character.

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January 24, 2024

Description: Hey there guys. Welcome back to another lesson and today I will be doing more Hazbin Hotel characters. To start the day here I will show you how to draw Alastor, step by step from Hazbin Hotel. He is one of the more popular characters from the series, but boy was he a bit tricky to draw because of how dramatic his look and style are. Anyway, nonetheless I do hope you still enjoy the lesson. If you want to see more characters turned into tuts remember to like, love, fav, comment, and SHARE!!

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